Want to Create Bigger Profits As an Independent Nail Tech?

I'll show you my blueprint to consistent $100,000 years working independently - seeing fewer clients with greater profits.

How To Make

$20K+/Month Doing


We help Independent nAIL TECHS scale their income, charge premium prices, get high paying clients, and retire in 5 years.

How To Make

$20K+/Month Doing


We help Independent nAIL TECHS scale their income, charge premium prices, get high paying clients, and retire in 5 years.

How To Make

$20K+/Month Doing


We help Independent nAIL TECHS scale their income, charge premium prices, get high paying clients, and retire in 5 years.

My story

From a small Town in vietnam to 6 figure nail tech

Hey, friend!

I’m Katie Nguyen, an independent nail tech from Minnesota, thanks for stopping by!

I was never really the entrepreneur type. I came to the United States when I was 15 from a small town in Vietnam with broken English and not a clue what I was going to do.

I worked in a traditional salon for many years but like most people I started to develop burn out.

Not just mentally but physically and financially.

Nails is different from other beauty services. We operate at such a low price point for how much love and effort we put into our work.

I desired to make more but traditional salon ownership was not for me. The skills needed to manage staff, high expenses, lower profits was not the mountain I wanted to climb.

I went solo and started my own nail studio in 2018 but quickly came across the challenges all independents face.

No consistent way to get clients, difficultly growing a social media following, lousy client retention and inconsistent weekly income.


I tried everything you can imagine and quickly discovered most of the thing’s that actually work is contrarian to what the gurus teach on social media.

I achieved over $100,000 my first year with my processes and I have been able to sustain over 6 figures for the past 5 years with a record year of $261,000.

100% independently.

I developed a system for myself I call the N.A.I.L.S Formula.

It is the 5 proven pillars to a 6+ figure nail studio.

I am just a normal girl like everyone else and serve my clients 1 nail at a time. I’m here to help other independent nail techs who have been working hard to grow their business but are not quite where they want to be.

I've learned most independents want to make an impact in their client’s lives but struggle to put the pieces together to make a consistent living around their passion.

When you do great work, you should be compensated for it.

So the N.A.I.L.S Formula is designed to help build the lifestyle business you desire by maximizing your profits during the time you choose to work.

I broke all of this down in my NEW Book designed for nail techs called:

The Power of N.A.I.L.S

Want Exponential Growth In Your Nail Studio?

If so, you’re in the right place! I’ve stayed consistently booked serving dream clients I absolutely love to serve who want what I have to offer and are willing to pay for it.

While only working the days I desire and being able to buy back my time on the days I don’t work.

I spend time with the ones I love, travel and most importantly use my additional income to finally be able to invest in other opportunities that produce income, for the day I decide to retire from nails.

All of these things became my reality because of nails and I want to show you exactly how I do it.

I wrote The Power of N.A.I.L.S to teach you each important pillar to my system.

So you can increase your income no matter what stage you are in your career and fast track your way to your ideal business as an independent.

In The Power of N.A.I.L.S You’ll Learn:

  • My blueprint of how I took my nail studio from 0 to 100K/year + in profit and sustained it for the past 5 years, so you can bypass the headaches of figuring out what to focus on.

  • How to increase how much clients spend with you, so you can increase your profit margin no matter where you are in your career.

  • How to attract dream clients who are willing to pay for the value you deliver, so you can create a loyal clientele around your desired rates.

  • How to turn first time clients into long term fans of your business, so you can stabilize and add predictability to your income.

If you have even 30 minutes a day, you can put this plan into action and begin creating a business around the lifestyle you desire.


The nail tech industry is facing increasing competition...

and there is an abundance of new players joining the market every day. This makes it difficult for independent professionals to both stand out from the crowd and to obtain high-value clients. Social media platforms are further complicating matters, with frequent changes in algorithms and content regulation that can make it hard to build a reliable network of potential customers.

When I first started my own nail business...

I quickly realized that there was a lack of information available about how to successfully run a successful and profitable beauty service. To create the lifestyle business I wanted, it took me a lot of trial and error to figure out what are the essential elements for success. Now, having gone through the process myself, I'm excited to be able to share my knowledge and experience in order to help other aspiring nail technicians build a high margin lifestyle business quickly and efficiently.

introducing the A.C.E System

The A.C.E System helps independent nail techs to achieve financial success without the fear of running out of clients, charging too little, and not having their customers rebooking. With this system in place, these professionals can work fewer days with high-value customers and still receive a 6-figure income on their own. It is designed to help them create an effective marketing system that brings them quality clients who will be loyal to their services and recommend it to others, generating even more business for them.

A System For Nail Techs Made By A Nail Tech

Our system for nail techs is designed to help those who have chosen to own their own independent nail suite. It offers them the benefits of increased profits, more convenient hours and fewer management issues than traditional salons, which typically require a significant financial investment, long hours and can come with additional stress. Through our system, nail techs can maximize their earnings while minimizing the headaches that come with owning a salon.

The A.C.E System



We will help you to attract premium clients quickly and effectively by implementing Katie's proven client attraction strategy. This will include detailed tactics such as optimizing your online presence, creating compelling content to engage potential customers, developing relationships with influencers in your industry, and utilizing various marketing techniques to ensure that your services are seen by the right people.


A successful six-figure nail technician has one key difference from one who is struggling: their calendar. Katie's automated messaging process assists them in filling their books by quickly alerting them to clients that are interested in booking services, enabling them to maximize the use of their time and ensuring their schedule remains full.

Everlasting Client

To retain loyal clients and keep them coming back, it is important to create a positive, memorable experience for each customer that goes far beyond simply providing great nails. This requires developing a personalized approach that encompasses everything from the initial conversation to post-appointment follow-up and rewards -all while giving the client a heightened level of attention and care.

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